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Employer of Record
in Cyprus

Our employer of record service in Cyprus allows companies to outsource their payroll, benefits, and HR administration to a trusted third-party provider.

Our services


Streamline the process of hiring employees in Cyprus with a simple and efficient onboarding approach.


Our service is designed to provide compliant employment solutions for companies seeking to hire workers in Cyprus.


We provide an all-in-one payroll solution for your team, handling taxes, benefits, payslips, and more, while also offering automated invoicing.


Our calculator tools provide quick and accurate cost estimates for hiring and managing employees through our service.


Our EOR service offers a seamless and hassle-free solution for hiring and managing employees in Cyprus, while ensuring compliance with local labor laws.
Gilbert K.

I recently used an Employer of Record service to hire in Cyprus, and I must say I was thoroughly impressed with the experience. They took care of all the administrative tasks associated with hiring and managing employees, saving me a lot of time.

Director, Consulting