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Why Cyprus

Advantages Of Cyprus

The island of Cyprus has long been one of the most attractive destinations for tourism, living, and doing business.

As a top destination for future residence, Cyprus offers a welcoming community and a world of opportunities, giving you the freedom to choose from an abundance of options. It provides the perfect combination of ideal business prospects and a unique lifestyle in Europe for you and your family.

Strategic Location

Cyprus is located at the crossroads of three continents – Europe, Africa, and Asia, making it an ideal location for both business and residence.
  • Member of the European Union since 2004
  • European Monetary Union since 2008

Excellent Tax System

Cyprus offers an attractive and transparent tax regime that is fully compliant with EU, OECD, and international laws and regulations, making it an excellent tax system. Its main features are:

  • One of the lowest corporate income tax rates in the EU at 12.5%
  • No withholding taxes on dividend, interest and royalty payments abroad
  • No succession (inheritance) taxes
  • Attractive IP regime
  • Personal tax exemptions for new residents and non-domiciled individuals
  • More than 60 double tax treaties

Best Climate in Europe

Cyprus boasts the best climate in Europe, with over 300 days of sunshine per year. However, it’s not only about the warm weather! In the winter, the mountains are covered with snow and are ideal for skiers. The environmental conditions are great, there is no heavy industrial presence on the island and there’s no pollution.

  • 300 days of sunshine per year
  • 49 serviced Cyprus beaches
  • Hundreds of kilometers of coastline
  • Suitable for skiing in the winter

High Quality of Life

Cyprus offers a safe, clean, and healthy environment with high living standards. The low crime levels, long history of art and culture, and delicious gastronomy all contribute to a high quality of life on the island. Safety is one of the biggest advantages of Cyprus, which has been ranked the world’s safest smaller country in 2015 and the fifth safest country worldwide.

Advanced Infrastructure

Cyprus offers a modern transport network with efficient road, air, and sea services.

The island has two modern international airports located in Larnaca and Paphos that serve approximately 10 million visitors per year, connecting the island to popular transit hubs worldwide.

  • 2 International Airports
  • 2 Deep-water ports
  • 4 Yacht marinas
  • A modern road network
  • High 5G Coverage
  • An abundance of sports facilites

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